What do you mean by a ‘combined contest’?

The 13 winners of this contest will appear in the Bosley’s, Tisol and Total Pet 2018 Calendars. So: same pets, different logos.

When will the calendar be available, how much does it cost?

Look for the calendar in stores this fall. It is available for a give-what-you-can donation to the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides. Learn more about Dog Guides here.

Can I enter more than one pet?

Sure you can! Just remember that you can only enter one photo per pet. So if you have a photo of your cat and dog together, that would count as an entry for both pets. We also have the refer-a-friend function, and that allows you to enter another photo of your pet should you chose to.

Don’t live in BC, why can’t I enter?

The Pet Valu and Paulmac’s Pets contest is open to all Canadian provinces except for Quebec and the territories. You can find it at castingcall.petvalu.com
Our US Calendar Casting Call Photo Contest starts June 1 and is located at https://www.facebook.com/PetValuUS.


My entry isn’t going through

We’re sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties. Please try re-entering using a different browser (Firefox or Chrome is recommended) or make sure your current browser is up to date.
If you are still not able to enter, please contact us at castingcallCS@petvalu.com

How do I know my entry has been received?

If you have received your personalized coupon, and after 5 minutes your entry appears in the gallery, you’re officially entered. If you would like to check the gallery for your entry, you can search by your pet’s name, your name, or your email address.

I entered the wrong photo, can I replace it?

We’re sorry but we are not able to delete or replace photos from the gallery. In the future, please use the preview function upon entering to make sure you are happy with your photo before confirming your entry.

My photo is the wrong orientation, can you flip it?

Unfortunately no. Drop us an email at castingcallCS@petvalu.com with your entry information (email, pet’s name, date of entry). Though we aren’t able to rotate your image, we will review it to ensure that it filtered and judged at the correct orientation.

Why isn’t my entry in the gallery?

It takes about 5 minutes for photos to appear in the gallery. In the meantime, check out your personalized coupon in your mail box.

Can I enter a photo someone else took of my pet?

As long as you own the rights to the photo or have the photographers expressed permission.

I didn’t get my coupon

We’re sorry to hear that. Please check your junk mail folder (plus the ‘Promotions’ folder if you are a gmail user). If it isn’t there, drop us a line at castingcallCS@petvalu.com, we’ll send you a replacement.